Friday, July 3, 2015

Okay, so it's been a year and a half.....

Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it?  I've just been thinking a lot about the blog lately.  Thinking maybe I should revive it so we can keep in touch.  Not that I have a lot to say--but no one can say there's not a lot going on, right?  I'll be asking my photographer daughter-in-law for new pics of the grandcowboys but in the meantime, I thought it might be nice to go back and see them as they were a few years ago.  Today Jessen is 14, Levi is 10 and Caden will have his 10th birthday this month.  They are growing like weeds and I am so proud of them all.  Ronnie is still breaking horses, although the ones he chooses now are not quite so wild and don't buck quite as high.  I'm still loving retirement and find myself busier than I ever was when I had a job outside the home.  Life is good.

Let me hear from you.  Would love to know what is going on in your life today.  I'll do some serious work on a real blog post--and who knows, we may have a giveaway to start us off right!

Monday, September 23, 2013

These are the days of our lives....

I love this day. Nothing special going on.  Nowhere to be.  Just home alone on a Monday morning.  Doing laundry.  Sheets already flapping on the clothesline.  Making sloppy joes for supper so there's a great smell coming from the crockpot already.  Doors and windows flung open to let in the fall breeze. Sweet potatoes simmering on the stove so I can make two big fat pies for the grandson who will arrive after school, returning the horse he took to a rodeo yesterday.  Praise music pouring softly from the player in my bedroom.  Does life get any better?  Yep.  I've lost six pounds in three weeks.  That's a respectable two pounds a week.  Even that wormy-looking Hudson girl would be impressed.  Weight Watchers may be calling me to make a commercial any day. This is not as hard as I thought it would be.  I've discovered coffee.  Here I am nearly 60 years old and just learning to drink coffee.  Can't wait to show off this new skill to my older brother who started drinking coffee with Mother when he was about six years old--just one more way I assure myself he was always her favorite.

I'm headed to the garden now to pick okra.  It's growing slower these days but continues to bloom.  The last of the tomatoes are clinging to the vines and the peas are limp on the ground.  Almost time to clean up the mess and haul in fresh manure to rot over the cold months ahead.  I'm already planning for next year.  Who'd have thought I would find such pleasure in such hard work?  I love the whole process of planting and watering--even canning the harvest.   We'll enjoy a bounty of pickles and beans and relishes this winter!

Lacey turned 35 Friday.  She celebrated all weekend--shopped all day Friday and was surprised with a dinner in Durant on Saturday.  Jack's birthday was two weeks ago and I didn't even make a cake.  I overheard Caden yesterday afternoon explaining the difference to his Poppa.  He said "If you're a boy and you get older you don't get anything.  No cake.  No money.  All you get is a beard."  Sounds like he's got it figured out......

Love y'all!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hey, Mammy's back!

Hey cousins and friends.  I've decided to return to blogging after quite a vacation.  Some things have changed and some remain the same but mostly I just want to get back in touch with you.  I've missed our visits.

After much thought, I have decided to share my blog with some of my favorite friends:  the ladies of my Thursday evening Bible study. I am embarking on a serious diet (Yes, today is the first day so morale is high!) and they are my Princess-Warriors (I've got a feeling I'll be needing them badly before next week!).  If you have a favorite diet recipe or tip, feel free to share it.  If you are a person of prayer, for heaven's sake move me to the top of your prayer list.

Our church has a scripture that we repeat every Sunday at the end of service.  I've decided it will make a great diet battle cry as well.  "We are not those who fall back and are destroyed, but those who have faith and obtain life!"  Hebrews 10:39

Keeping it short this morning.  I'm off to walk and enjoy this beautiful fall morning.  Let me hear from you.  Leave a comment!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

You're a mean one, Mr Grinch!

So much for being ahead and enjoying the whole month of December.  Mammy has been sick for more than a week, putting me way behind in the Christmas cheer department.  I have made three trips to the doctor's office (which was beautifully decorated for the holidays if that counts for anything.  I probably paid for most of those gorgeous garlands and wreaths by myself this week!) and have been prescribed, injected,hydrated and vaporized until I can't even keep up with my meds schedule anymore.  I hate to be sick--and being sick at this time of year is even worse.  Unfortunately, the mountain cedar that looks so beautiful on our mantles with it's little blue berries also raises my allergy levels to heights unknown.  I refuse to even put its fake plastic counterpart in my home. I am missing church services this morning due to these terrible coughing spasms that make me sound like a lifelong smoker (Who would want to sit by me?) and if I get to feeling better as the day progresses, I intend to try to decorate the tree.  I put it up last night but ran out of steam before the lights were even on.  So right now I have a six foot tree sitting in the middle of the living room sans ornaments or so much as a candy cane. Such is life at James House.

I worked on the Martha tree earlier this week before I reached Stage IV and I plan to put the finishing touches on it in the next couple of days--just in time for her family gathering on Saturday.  I promise there will be pictures.  It is turning out pretty cute if I do say so myself.

I've also mailed the homemade ornaments and yes, there will be photos of those as well.

The ingredients for the spiced tea mix (a Christmas must have) and boxes of Chex cereal for party mix sit expectantly on the kitchen counter (right in the way, according to my husband who obviously does not yet have the Christmas spirit.  Wonder why...).  I had a delicious piece of apricot nut bread that a friend made last week and hope to get the recipe in time to share it with y'all.  And then of course, there's candy to make.....

Christmas gifts that were ordered online are arriving every day and I am giving thought to my letter to Santa. Maybe next week will be better.  In the meantime, you won't be wasting a prayer on me.  Hope all is well with you too.

Love you.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cleaning Day

Lacey and I whipped this house into shape today.  She tackled the cabinets and I took on the bathroom.  Tonight the laundry is done and we are sleeping on fresh sheets.  Love it.

I also worked on the Christmas projects this afternoon.  I promise I can share photos in about a week.  We also shopped for hoodies at  At 60% off sitewide, we spent some serious dough.  It's the only online purchase I've made this weekend which is unusual.  For the past two years, 90% of my Christmas shopping has been done online.  Am I seriously considering going to the mall?

I am still working on the Aunt Martha Christmas tree.  Framed a few things today and expect to get the tree decorated before week's end.  It's going to be uniquely her's to say the least.

'Nuf said.  We're having steak fajitas for supper and I need to head to the kitchen.  So far, my Christmas blog has been really boring but it will get better.  I've got lots to tell.  Catch you tomorrow.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday?

Did you shop today?  I got up early and checked the computer for deals but since my grandkids are cowboys I didn't find a lot of loot.  National Roper Supply offered free shipping but that's about the extent of my "doorbuster" findings.  I decided to spend the day in my kitchen cooking a pot of beans and making gifts instead of fighting the crowd.  I made a lot of headway and would love to show you what I made--but if I include photos with this post no one will be surprised!  Just trust me when I say I'm making some cute stuff!  I love to receive homemade gifts and used to enjoy giving things I'd made until the post office stole my life.  This year, I'm having fun deciding who gets what.

I hope you had a great day yesterday.  We had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner thanks to my daughter-in-law who insisted on it.  My guys don't care for dressing so I tend to cook steaks on the grill or fry catfish for Thanksgiving.  Dan usually eats with his mother-in-law who does a traditional meal at noontime so he's always happy to come to our house for a Thanksgiving dinner that doesn't include giblet gravy.  So yesterday we had our traditional Thanksgiving Day roping followed by hen and dressing and all the fixings.  It was fun but we won't repeat that menu for Christmas.  Christmas is usually a Mexican feast followed by the opening of gifts.

Not a lot to tell about today.  Tomorrow Lacey and I are going to clean house and start getting ready to put our tree up next weekend.  I hate the idea of decorating a dirty house so I'll be armed with PineSol and Dawn all day tomorrow.  At least I won't have to cook.  We have TONS of leftovers.....

Thursday, November 22, 2012


The house is empty.  Kids have gone home or out to visit.  Ronnie is feeding horses.  So quiet here at my desk.  Food has been stored in refrigerator. Dishwasher is humming.  I never want to see dressing again.  At least not until tomorrow.  Maybe by then I'll be able to swallow another slice of that pie Lori sent too....

So much to be thankful for.  This day was filled with many memories.  New memories were made as well.  All is right with the world tonight.....

Hope your day was sweet.